What is the dark web and how to access it

First of all let’s show the differences between the part of the internet that can be indexed by traditional search engines and easily accessible from the internet and the whole other “hidden” part. The entire web is divided into the following parts: Surface Web: it is the part of the web that is easily accessible… Continue reading What is the dark web and how to access it

How to enumerate subdomains

During a pentest on a web server it can certainly be useful to enumerate the victim’s domain to see if there are any subdomains, in order to test everything. To do this you can use the following main methods: — Dns zone transfer — With this method it is possible to take advantage of the… Continue reading How to enumerate subdomains

Create your own website with wordpress.org – starting from scratch

Creating your own website is not something reserved for programmers and web designers. If you have some nice ideas that you would like to put online in the vast world of the internet, below I will list the various steps to do so, from registering a domain to finding a hosting service and installing and… Continue reading Create your own website with wordpress.org – starting from scratch

Shell spawning

Once you get a shell on the linux victim machine this shell could be without TTY (terminal connection) and most likely to go on with the penetration test you will need to spawn TTY shell. In fact, a shell without the TTY functions does not allow you to perform important things such as the simple… Continue reading Shell spawning

DOM XSS attack

    DOM XSS attack In short, Document Object Model (DOM) is the hierarchical structure objects of an HTML document, generated by the web-browser to represent the document. The utility of DOM is to easily access the contents of the document. An example of a simple structure of a DOM is the following: W3C defines… Continue reading DOM XSS attack

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