eLearnSecurity ECPPTv2 review

– I am writing this review to let readers know how satisfied I am to have completed the eLearnSecurity course that led me to obtain the ECPPT v2 certification. In my opinion ECPPT is a complete course covering all the most important areas of the penetration testing. My review will not be specific. I will… Continue reading eLearnSecurity ECPPTv2 review

eLearnSecurity eJPT/PTS review

–   My first certificate is eJPT from eLearnSecurity. I got it about a year ago. I state that i have always been fascinated by computer security and computer science in general, but being still not very practical in the field, before starting the course, i made a good  acquaintance (searching a lot on the internet) about… Continue reading eLearnSecurity eJPT/PTS review

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