My credentials are EJPT and ECPPTv2 certificates from eLearnSecurity (you can find the certs reviews here). Now I’m working on hackthebox in which, to date, I gained “Guru” rank and on TryHackMe in which I got [0xD][GOD] rank (maximum rank). ​

My first computer was a Commodore Plus 4 in the 80s (when I was very young) with which, as a self-taught, I learned to use the BASIC language.

Since that time my passion for computers and technology has only ever increased.

My second machine was a beautiful Packard Bell Pc with Windows 95 OS installed. This PC was connected to a 28.8k modem that allowed me to connect to the internet (when very few people still had internet).

So I created my first email which I still use today as my primary email.

The first e-mail password was very short and easy to remember (not safe from hackers) but after a short time I immediately understood the importance of changing it and putting a more complex one.

Now I know Windows OS very well, I am specialized in Linux and Unix-like OS and I know Mac OS. I’m using FreeBSD, Gentoo Linux, Debian Linux, CentOS and, obviously, Kali Linux. ​

I’m able to understand and write in C, C++, Python, Perl, Php, Java, write bash-scripts and use mysql for databases queries. I also have competences in Html. I know Assembly to do BOF (Buffer OverFlows).

My intent is to learn as much as possible of all items regarding computers, networking and obviously pentesting. ​

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