TryHackMe – Surfer writeup

TryHackMe – Surfer writeup

This is my TryHackMe – Surfer machine writeup.

Scanning victim’s IP using “nmap” I find that ports 22 and 80 are open.

Navigating the web site (port 80) I find a login page.

Instead, using “dirb” I find many useful things including “robots.txt”. The content of “robots.txt” is:

Disallow: /backup/chat.txt

Then I browse “victim_IP/backup/chat.txt” and find this:

Kate tell to Admin to “… stop using your username as password.”

Too easy… on the previous login page I can log in with “admin” as user and password.

Once inside, in dashboard, I can see this:

As you can see in the “Recent Activity” there is a note very interesting:

"Internal pages hosted at /internal/admin.php. It contains the system flag."

And at the and of Dashboard there is a button for Export Reports in PDF format:

If I click in “Export to PDF” button and capture the traffic with Burpsuite I can see that there is a POST request in which the payload contains a “url” options.

Then, searching in internet, I find this (SSRF attack).

Then I put in “url” option of the POST request “” (URL encoded) as following:

And click to “Go” button.

After the response, I right click to response field and then click on “Request in browser” and in “In original session”:

Then copy the link and open it in my browser. So it open a PDF file with a flag:

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